5 New Hairstyles for This Winter

1. Textured Fringe

This is one of the most fashionable hairstyles this winter season. If your short hair has grown a bit, then you can try something new with it, for example, add some piecey, spare waves, and bands skimmed and brown. To get such look, it is advisable to use spray for volumizing near the roots and a special cream to create curls.

Textured Fringe

2. The Contouring Cut

This cut is not about the layers that were popular last season. This is a new style with even angles and the length to collarbone. It draws attention to cheekbones and adds an attractive frame to the face. The symmetry is very important.

The Contouring Cut

3. The High Pony

If you like having your hair long, then this high pony will be perfect for you. To do this style, pull your hair tight and high and add volume to the tail. It looks really good with turtleneck shits.

The High Pony

4. The Flipped Crop

This hairstyle is worn with short hair being overturned to one side. However, if you have long hair, you can use a tight updo and leave short layers in front.

The Flipped Crop

5. The Slick Sweepback

This hairstyle is about straight strands being tucked behind the ears. It is a perfect style that can be worn with any hair length.

The Slick Sweepback




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