Braids for short hair

Ladies with short haircuts have a reputation for practical and dynamic persons who are confident in themselves. Indeed, in the absence of time, sometimes it is more than enough a few small touches of your fingers smeared with wax or gel to your short hair to get a new hairstyle. Another simple way to make an attractive short hairstyle is to revive your laying with weaving. Notice how the braiding on short hair can give a look of femininity, sexuality, and even glamor.

A key factor in determining the method of weaving is the length of your hair. Depending on it pigtails on short hair can range from the simple to the complex, such as French, fishtail and even fashionable African styles.



If you have a triangular type of face but you want to get a look of oval type which is considered as the European standard, you can use an asymmetrical pigtail.



One of the inconvenience and frustration of braiding the short hair is sticking out hair and locks that are released during the process. This is allowed if the hairstyle is intentionally performed in a “disheveled” style.




And another tip, you should make pigtails on short hair in the so-called Danish Technology (weaving inside out).





The shorter the hair, the more dense and hard weaving must be, and involved additional locks must be very thin, otherwise, you will get free and loose hairstyle, and braid quickly loses its shape and hairstyle can throw you at any moment, ” untwisting ” in public.





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