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Wonder for one night, your hair should be a piece of art, hairstyle is as important as jewelry and perfume. If you got an invitation to the club, private party, or on a date at a restaurant – you have to choose a hairstyle that shows who you are, displays your character, and at the same time it must be the most important decoration. Remember that sometimes even the position of a single hair can play a crucial role in your hairstyle.

Patrick Augustine is a hairdresser with a worldwide reputation, he advises you to start preparing your hair to the main event up to 10 days before the event! Especially if you go to a party during autumn or winter when you hair is weak and too soft.

So, we will talk about hair care. Do not forget about the head skin. You have to massage it on a regular basis, to maximize the bloodstream. You know that many beauty salons have a massage procedure in their list of services and believe us there is a reason. Sure, you have to remember about shampoo, and you have to use the correct shampoo for your type of hair.

Curly hair is inseparably associated with holidays and freedom. If you have curly hair you should not tighten them in a knot, on the contrary you should leave them as is and add as much volume as possible, free your mind and imagination. Apply foam and wax on the hair in order to have full control over the shape of hair.

You can add charm with curling tresses to straight hair. Curly locks will never be superfluous – they shows a certain rigor and at the same time – playfulness.

Do not worry if you have short hair. There are thousands solutions for short hairstyle. It is not true that evening hairstyle must be only with long hair. With a little imagination it is possible to achieve amazing results with minimal effort and time.

Before you choose the evening hairstyle, you have to know exactly what dress you will have. This is very important, hairstyle and clothes should be in harmony with each other. As well as jewelry – if you are wearing a beautiful necklace, it is possible to decorate the hair with a little tiara.

But whatever evening hairstyle you choose you have to remember that simplicity is the key to a good appearance. It is not necessary to complicate the hairstyle with lots of things, especially if you are doing hairstyle yourself.

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