General tips for hair care

1) Every two or three months you should change your hair cosmetic line to maximize the effectiveness.

2) Do not use excessive amount of shampoo. It will harm and over dry your hair. A tea spoon of shampoo is enough to wash your hair completely.

3) Wash shampoo out with warm water. The use of hot water can lead to dandruff. When you washed shampoo out you can apply any balm on your hair.

4) Do not wipe your hair with a towel as it can harm them and the ends begin to split. You should wrap a towel around your head as a towel absorbs moisture very well.

5) After washing and drying you should carefully untangle your hair (especially if you have long hair). You should use only comb with large teeth or brush with natural thick bristles.

6) Do not dry your hair with hot air from hairdryer. First you should dry your hair with towel and then you can use warm or better room temperature air from hairdryer for 20 minutes with a distance from your head approximately 20 cm.

7) If you wish to have volume hair you can try to apply egg yolk and olive oil. Mix the ingredients and apply the solution before you wash your hair with. Apply the solution on your hair wrap your head with plastic bag and towel and wait for 10 minutes.

8) If you wish your curly hair stay strong and natural you should use different hair care cosmetics line for curly hair. After prolonged use of specific hair care solutions its ingredients can damage you hair and it will look lifeless and flats. You should change your hair care cosmetics as often as you can. It will good for you if you wash your hair with a regular shampoo from time to time.





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