Hair Braid around the Head

Some people find it tough to follow a regular braid. If you are among those people then you can braid around the head which will equally look attractive. Here we are discussing some simple steps to follow this process.

Those who have long hair can make thin braid close to the neck. Now simply put a thick clip on this braid at the end section. Now swirl this braid around the head. Make sure that tress is touching your ear. Now use clip to tie it properly. Some people are not able to manage their hair at this point. They either have cowlick or they do not utilize clip appropriately to tie the hair. If this is the case then you should swirl the hair till it touches the parting sections. Now here use your clip to get a perfect look. Swirl the remaining hair and clip it down to manage all the hair. It will make the hairdo eye-catching and you will like it.

The whole process is not that much tough if you are swirling your hair and using your clip properly. Utilize braids to get a trendy hairdo. Moreover the whole process is very easy and it may take less time. This braid does not require any special kind of regular practice and it is very easy to manage. You can also take the help of French braids to get an attractive look. You can start from the nape of your neckline. Now braid in globular track in the region of the head. Many folks find French crown braids more complicated. It starts from the top section of the head from the center and we have to braid around to get a perfect appearance. The end section of braid should have a clip or pinwheel as it will look trendy.

Always use a good wide tooth brush at the beginning as it is the stepping stone to get a good braid. Part the hair properly from the mid section from the starting point and move towards the downward direction as it will help you to remove all the unwanted knots. Now you have to keep the second half of your hair away from the first part by using a clip. Braid the first segment properly which should start the point close to your ears. Remember that the complete braid should be tight else you would not be able to get the required shape of the tress. Now start the same process on the second segment and complete it with similar process. Now once you are done with it, hold the braid which you find less attractive than the other one and simply cross it above the head. It is up to you if you want it close to the forehead. Now pin is appropriately and hold the second braid over the head. It should be on the top of your first braid. Utilize pins and join the last section of both the braids correctly to get a proper shape.


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