Shaved Hairstyle Thoughts Inspired by Rihanna

Many people among like Rihanna for not only songs but also for her hairstyles. Right? She is among the most talked celebrities for her shaved hairstyles. We are discussing some of her cool shaved hairstyles which made her so popular among the folks.

Rihanna is well-known for changing her hairstyle continuously. Out of all her hairstyles, she is highly popular for her shaved hairstyles. Many people like to use that kind of hairstyles as it not only give a funky but a striking appearance. Many people related to the industry say that she has utilized almost every kind of color as well as style but still we never when she may come out with a new idea. Here we are discussing Rihanna’s shaved hairstyles which you may love to use it.

Half Shaved Hairstyle

This is one of her most famous hairstyle. People were surprised to see her in this hairstyle when we used it first time. Later on she told that she got bored from her previous red colored hairstyle. Therefore she changed it and now she loves the new hairstyle. She shaved half of her head and kept the hair short on other half. She also used different kinds of colors to make the look catchy.


Shaved Head with Extensions

This is another hairstyle to check. In this hairstyle she shaved just a small section of her hair but kept the other section quite lengthy. Blonde colors made the appearance beguiling. The looks are stunning and there is no doubt that she is looking pretty. It is also important to wear some light colored clothes to get eye-catching exteriors which will make you appealing.



This is another hairstyle in which you can keep the sides shaved which the central section can have medium length hair with some curls. These curls should come out towards the middle of your forehead and it can make you dazzling.


High Sculpts

This hairstyle looks good with black hair. Keep the sides shaved and the central section of hair can be kept high to grab the attention.



Love to get a different appearance? Then try this Tomboy style. Get the boyish charisma with a cheerful look. Left side can be shaved with the remaining section can be kept a little long leaning towards the right.


Shaved Hairstyle with Long Waves

If you love to keep long hair but also want to use shaved hairstyle then this style is certainly for you. It is the perfect combination of long hair and shaved hairstyle. Just shave a smaller section and give a little style with small cuts in the remaining section of your hair. Keep your hair long as much as you want and get the waves on the remaining section. You will simply look gorgeous with this new style.


So these are some attractive shaved hairstyle which you can check. It is good to get a new kind of hairstyle every time to get the freshness. Visit your specialized hairstylist and you can certainly get a lovely look.





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