Short Haircut by Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus is a young recording artist and actress. She used to have long hair but recently she changed her hairstyle. Here we are discussing about her latest style statement.

Miley Cyrus surprised her fans by her short haircut recently. She has claimed many times that she never misses her hair and likes to experiment with it anytime. Although she loves knitting the hair smoothly yet she never likes to keep her hair long. People were amazed to see the new short-haired girl. The trend of long hair never attracted her. She claims that she does not like to follow the customary styles as it never gives any freshness. Miley Cyrus says that she is getting ready to show her style statement and young girls can follow it comfortably. She claims that new beauty tips are required as per today’s environment. Therefore it becomes important to change the previous habits as it may not work today anymore.

This 19 year old star says that she is feeling much comfortable now with the new looks. The new super-short style is cool and she is extremely happy with this stylish haircut. The complete haircutting process was documented and she has shared it with many people. Though she got a new style but many of her fans didn’t like it. It does not make any effect on this star as she and her beau Liam Hemsworth are feeling happy with this new style. Her family members have also found the new hairdo cool. Recently Miley Cyrus told that her father used to tell her that every person has individual set of opinions. Therefore it will be tough to follow everyone. It is better to go with your choices. She says that she is doing the same. If someone likes her hairstyle then it is good else she does not care for those who do not like.

She posted her pixie hairstyle on her Twitter page. Many people gave negative comments but she replied that if someone does not like the style then do not watch it. She further stated that her new look completely belongs to her only. She has not forced anyone to change their look. So nobody should comment on it. Many people thought that Miley is going crazy with the new styles. However she has cleared all the point that she is only trying different kinds of hairdo to check new things. Her beau was supportive. He told that her face is pretty. Therefore short haircut looks extremely attractive. Moreover her eyes look stunning with this new hairstyle. Media is praising a lot for this new hairstyle. Many magazines have given their positive reviews. In general we can say that this star is a sensation on the screen as well as off the screen. You can check some recent styles of Miley Cyrus here. Pixie cut is one of the most attractive styles by this beauty.





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