Tea mask for hair growth

The mask helps to nourish the hair follicles and it triggers the rush of blood to the scalp. Besides the tea mask perfectly enhances the acid-alkaline balance of the skin, removes excess sebum, your hair do not become oily, otherwise your hair becomes shiny and gets a nice brown color.


- 1 2 bottles of vodka

- 250 grams of dry tea leaves

Pour vodka into tea leaves and wait for 2 hours. Strain the tea leaves and throw it away, and you have to rub the slush (it is what you have now) into the scalp, wrap head with plastic bag and cover with a towel; you should use the useless one.

It will be easy to wash the mask off!

You can wait for 1 hour. You can wash the mask off with water and shampoo. The mask should be applied 2 times a week. After two weeks you will notice the newly grow hair (stubby hairs are visible among the long hair).





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