Tips – How to choose a hair dye


To choose a new color for your hair is not as a difficult task as it may seem. All you need is to determine your favorite color on the hair dye box. Precisely at this moment we face some problems such as: what type of hair dye we should buy and how to get the correct tone of color that it would be exactly the color we are looking for and many others questions. We want to get a bright color and it must be persistent and stable, and the most important is that the color should be exactly the one we dream about.

Here some useful tips to choose a correct hair dye and finally change your hair color:

1. If you have doubts of a new hair color, you can start to take advantages of unstable hair dye. But this is possible only if you do not have gray hair.

2. Never choose a color from the model’s hair color on the box. Chances are you are unlikely to get the same tone. The best way is to choose the color from a catalog. Each manufacturer has the catalogs and usually they send them to the stores.

3. If you want to choose the color that matches you for sure, you should take into account your skin type. The color can be cold or warm. The easiest way to determine the type of your skin is to check the color of the veins on your wrist. If you have a warm skin tone the veins are green, and the cold skin tone has the blue veins. So, if you have a warm skin tone, then the golden, caramel, bronze shades are for you, but the light, black and ashy tones are not. The blonde, ash and brown tones fit a cold skin tone.

4. If you want to become a red-haired girl, then you can get that color only if you have a pink and pale color skin tone.

5. To be a blonde girl with a natural auburn hair color is not the best decision. Most likely a blond color will make your facial features less expressive. In this case, you can try the highlighting.

6. You should use only a resistant and stable hair dye for coloring your gray hair.

7. If you were a blonde, but now decided to be a fair or brunette, you should visit a cosmetic salon, such a radical change of color can affect the condition of your hair, and the result can be quite unexpected. It is better to trust a specialist. The same rule is applied if you change from dark to light color.

8. If you dyed your hair yourself, and you are disappointed with the result, it is better to correct the situation at the hairdresser salon than trying to change the situation one more time. This way you can make it even worse.




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