Trend 2013 – ponytail hairstyle

If we talk about ponytail hairstyle we have to say that there are many type of this hairstyle. So each and single woman can show her creative abilities and can make unique hairstyle that will be perfect for her hair. Ponytail hairstyle is for long and middle hair. This hairstyle is for all groups of age.

You do not have to spend much time to make it. By the way this hairstyle is perfect for every event including special social one. It can be as tightly knotted tail and free tail.
The classic version, which is tied low on the back of the head, do not go out of style. The hair in this hairstyle is fixed  by various rubber bands, headbands and clips that can be the extra decoration.

The hair in the tail can be straightened by ironing, or you can curl the hair with a curling iron. And bangs can be combed every time in different way or can be added to the tail. In order the hairstyle look smooth and tidy you should use cosmetic tools for stacking. Thus, it seems, that one and the same hairstyle looks quite similar but in different way. Every woman can make a stylish and always fashionable ponytail hairstyle without help of the hairdresser.

Reese Witherspoon ponytail hairstyle

Kate Beckinsale ponytail hairstyle

Selena Gomez ponytail hairstyle


Jennifer Lopez ponytail hairstyle

Drew Barrymore ponytail hairstyle

Other ponytail hairstyle





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