Trendy hairstyle Inside Ponytail

It is easy to do it, but it always seems flawless, moreover, hair for all types and length of hair, excluding the shortest one. In order to make the trendy hairstyle you have to wash you head and be sure to use a balm or conditioner for hair. Dry with hair dryer, directing air from the temples to the back. Then smoothly brush hair up and make the tail of them at any place. Then loosen the gum holding the hair and pull it down a bit. Divide the hair into two equal parts. Now lift the tail up and Pass it into the hole, at the base of the tail, so we get the desired curl. And lastly, leave the ends of hair straight or slightly curl them with a curling iron. Well, feminine and romantic hairstyle is ready!









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Inside Out Ponytail Hairstyle – Video Tutorials





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