Short Hairstyle Bob Hair for Fine Hair

Bob hairstyle-a kind of hairstyle that never go outdated. Just look at the Hollywood celebrities like Jennifer Aniston, who are still wearing bob hairstyle. Bob hairstyle originated from World War 1, where girls back then have no time to pinup their hairs, or to glamourize them. Although considered versatile hairstyle, not all women can wear it. The hairstyle stands out to girls with nice jawline and neck. Here are some different styles of bob haircut:

1. Bob hair with long, side swept bangs—there are lot of things you can do with bob haircut—flatten it out, letting it dry and scrunch bangs (to produce natural “swept style”), or just let it run with a curling iron.
2. Katie Holme’s Short Bob Hair—it has been several years since Katie Holmes worn a short bob haircut. Other celebrities have failed to sport her look, but Katie Holmes bob haircut will remain one of the favourites.
3. Cameron Diaz’s Short Bob Haircut—who would forget the famous Cameron Diaz short bob haircut from the movie Charlie’ Angels? Actually this is absolutely perfect for those who aren’t into bangs, as this hairstyle gives you the illusion of side-swept bangs.
4. Anna Wintour’s Short Bob Haircut— this Vogue editor is not only famous because of her craft, but also for her bob haircut. Her haircut actually makes older woman to look young, so go for this hairstyle.

There are variety of short hairstyle bob hair for fine hair, these are just few examples of it. The next time you go to a hair salon, tell your haircutter to try these on you.

Feminine Short Wavy Curly Bob Hairstyle:

Feminine Short Wavy Curly Bob Hairstyle for 2014 Source

Bob Haircut for Thin Hair:

Bob Haircut for Thin HairSource

Adorable Bob For Fine Wavy Hair:

Adorable Bob For Fine Wavy Hair 2014Source

Layered Bob Haircuts for Fine Hair:

Layered Bob Haircuts for Fine HairSource

Stacked Bob With Soft Lines:

Stacked Bob With Soft LinesSource

Short Hairstyles for Straight Hair:

Short Hairstyles for Straight HairSource

Short Bob Hairstyles for Thin Fine Hair:

Short Bob Hairstyles for Thin Fine HairSource

Stacked Bob for Fine Hair:

Stacked Bob Fine Hair Inverted Stacked BobSource

Choppy Bob Haircut Fine-Textured Hair:

Choppy Bob Haircut Fine-Textured HairSource

Bob Haircuts for Fine Hair Oval Face:

bob haircuts for fine hair oval faceSource

Natural Hair Style for Fine Hair:

Natural hair style for fine hairSource

Cute Short Bob Haircut:

Cute Short Bob HaircutSource

Cropped Messy Shag With Extra Short Bangs:

Cropped Messy Shag With Extra Short BangsSource

Bob with Lots of Volume:

Bob with lots of volumeSource

Bob haircuts: trend for short hair in 2014:

Bob haircuts trend for short hair in 2014Source




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