The great natural recipe of hair styling lotion

Once I have read an article in old fashion journal (forgot the title) about the great natural recipe of hair styling lotion. I have to say that I had some problems with hair that time after using hair gels. My hair is thin and “freaky”. Unfortunately, I have lost the recipe but I remember the main process and ingredients. I make and apply the lotion regularly. Here is the process: Take a lemon, wash it and cut it to small pieces. Pour a liter of water and boil it with a little flame. You should boil it until the liquid is reduced by half. Cooled it and then filtered the liquid through a cloth or several layers of cheesecloth. To preserve the liquid you have to add approximately 50 ml of vodka. Now we have the lotion. It smells very nice. Apply it to wet hair and comb it (do not rub the lotion into the roots) and them you can style it with a hairdryer.

The haircut (especially with short hair) lasts nicely and it looks extremely natural. You do not need to use the hair spray.

I hope the old recipe will be useful for many people as it make your hair stronger.




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