Simple Hairstyles for Summer, Beach or Swimming Pool

What simple hairstyles can you do for the beach or the pool? First, you need to be comfortable to swim, and secondly, the hair must not cover the shoulders to get a uniform tan. Finally, the hairstyle should be simple, and you should not spend a lot of time to do it. Let’s see what kind of simple hairstyles some celebrities prefer for the beach!

Whitney Port just twists a batch and fixes it with clasp-stick. It is very simple and elegant and actually perfect for the beach or pool. If the clip-stick does not fix your hair, twist your hair into a braid then twist a batch and fasten tightly with rubber band. You can copy Chloe Sevigne’s disheveled batch. Batches, fasten tightly with rubber band, are very strong, and not dismissed for a long time, even if you want to play beach volleyball. These are simple hairstyles.

 Hairstyle on the beach

Whitney Port beach hairstyles

Whitney Port beach hairstyles

On the beach it is very convenient to tie hair into braids. Braids are simple and beautiful hairstyles. In braids, hair does not tangle and does not come apart, allowing you to sunbathe and swim freely. You can tie just the front strands or tie all the hair in a pigtail sideways as Diane Kruger did for the full comfort.

Simple hairstyles

Cute beach hairstyles

Cute hairstyles for the beach

Simple high tail is the most humble, but quite comfortable hairstyle for the summer, the beach or pool. If you make a ponytail you will forget about your hair and after a swim, simply squeeze the water from the tail. This hairstyle looks simple and sporty. Simple hairstyles from childhood can be decorated with fashionable accessories!

Hairstyles for the beach
Simple Hairstyles for Long Hair

Hairstyles for summer

Alessandra Ambrosio

Alessandra Ambrosio and her simple hairstyles.  Alessandra Ambrosio proposes to tie in the batch only the upper hair, leaving the bottom hair unfastened. To do this hairstyle, put your thumbs on the ears and connecting them on the top, collect the upper hair. Next, twist the hair into a braid and tightly fasten with rubber band. The simplest hairstyles that you can think of are the most suitable for the beach.




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