Simple Hairstyles for Long Hair

Long hair – Decoration for any woman, provided that they are healthy for them to provide appropriate care and concern. Then they will not have to cut off a short hairstyle , which remains the number one for lovers of comfort in daily life because of the ease of installation. No problem, you can make a very simple hairstyles for long hair , but the beautiful, feminine, elegant and provocative, that will not get bored owners of flowing curls on the back.

A Tender Romance

The basis of this hairstyle – long straight hair, the beauty of which will highlight the best way. Divide the hair into a side parting, carefully comb. Gather hair at the crown of approximately one-third of their total weight, secure them with crab, pushing up. Take each side of the face of the thick side strand at a level above the ears, svelte harnesses, spinning in a direction from the person, connect them back just below the neck, locking clasp of invisibility.



Remove the crab with the top mass of hair and put them in a natural way, gently comb and fix a light varnish. The tips of the forceps can be a little twist. This hairstyle is a great option for young romantic girls, it’s perfect for summer, looks especially good with long dresses and skirts with floral prints.


Stylish Negligence

Low side tail – hairstyle simple and multi-faceted, if you get to create it creatively. The tail may be smooth, and then it would look too harshly. For those looking for a hairstyle is not for the office, and for friendly get-togethers or parties, fit styling in a youth style.

To make straight hair freedom and rebellion, first wash them and blow dry, causing a light foam. Dry brushing hair, his head down, twisting the ends in opposite directions, creating the effect of random natural stowage. Then intercept the hair at the side of the neck, attach a thin rubber band. To make the hair more natural and stylish, close the elastic strand of the tail by wrapping it several times. At the roots of the hair spray the paint easy fix and you can go to the party.


Not Dull Routine

In English, there is the concept of bad hair day, which marks the day when the hair is refusing to pack, look dull and lifeless, or just forgot to wash your hair the day before. However, you need to go somewhere, so they also need to be laid, and why invented a variety of hairstyles that are suitable just for this occasion.




One example of such hairstyles – sloppy high bun, which looks very natural on curly hair. It will be a real salvation of the image on a summer outing, when very hot, is holiday cruise on the beach. To do the hairdo more interesting, you can wrap the base of the beam bright silk handkerchief.


Stylish Nodules

Ponytail can be interpreted in different ways, and not only by varying the height and volume. Simple and original hairstyle every day – a sleek ponytail, which is intercepted by the length of knotted own hair. To hairstyle looked perfect, the hair should be carefully straighten and smooth hands and a light oil, styling cream or serum for shine.

The advantage of this hairstyle is that it can be worn both in the office and the party.





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