3D volume braid

You may think that such an original hairstyle is very difficult to do, but it is absolutely not true! If you know how to weave a classic French braid, then you can get it with no problems. So, let’s begin.

We will need:

  • A few scrunchies;
  • Comb;
  • Hairspray.


The first stage:

Divide the hair into three, identical in size, strands. Begin to braid her hair, and you should stop after each of the three strands was involved. (Look at the pic)



The second stage:

Separate a small strand from each big one, at the same time you should keep on braiding. These actions are very similar to the French braiding; just you should do exactly the opposite. It would be better if someone helps you to keep the small strands separated, so they are not used in the main braid.



The third stage:

With the small stands we do more complicated braid, right on the main braid (for a detailed instructions watch the video at the end of the article).



The fourth stage:

Attach the small braid and the big one together with a scrunchie or hair clips to get a 3D braid. And finally, fix it with hairspray.

Well, a “complicated” braid is ready, and it took not so much time!



Video tutorial of 3D volume braid





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