Braid twist – learn the way

This article is written specifically for owners of long hair. I am almost sure that you are already tired of the usual braids and weave and you want to try something new and different. Type of weaving, which we want to offer you, is quite simple and fast. By the way the simplicity is its main advantage, as you can easily make it during 5 minutes before you leave the house.

So, to make this braid you’ll need the following things:

  • Convenient comb
  • Small scrunchies, it will be great to get transparent ones.


We will explain this weaving step by step.

1)  Braid will be located on one side, so you need to comb your hair carefully and put them to one side.



2)  First scrunchie is anchored at the level of your shoulder.



3)  Then we separate the hair above the scrunchie in half and push them apart.



4)  You need to be especially careful with a next step, because you can easily get confused. We need to pass the ponytail into the hole. As a result you should get a romantic curl.



5)  A curl should be fixed tightly. You can tight the ponytail with a help of hair beneath it.



6)  Then we straighten our first curl. It is important to pay particular attention to this step, because the look of your hair will depend on it.



7)  Then you make one more curl according to the instruction above. The number of curls, as well as their amount will depend on your desire and mood.



As a result, you should have an interesting hairstyle:





That’s it, now you know what you can braid if there is no time or strength.





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