Amy Winehouse beehive hairstyle

Amy Winehouse, without a doubt, is the most popular and prominent British singer of hits she wrote herself and she conquered the planet with her powerful contralto vocals. Amy combined in harmony a variety of musical genres such as R&B, soul and jazz. At every performance, and social events, she looked stylish, exclusive, shocking, and provocative. Her hairstyle should be the same. However, drugs killed Amy Winehouse when she was 27 years old. On stage and in everyday life, she preferred the black wavy strands, packed in a pony.

Unfortunately, the video does not show such a stunning hairstyle on the head, which is Amy usually preferred. But the principle of the creation of such hairstyle is shown quite clearly, so that you can understand it and apply it in practice. You can build something difficult on the head or something quite decent, though not entirely usual.
Special barbershop pad will be needed to create such hairstyles. Sometimes it can be replaced by a circular mesh sponge for washing dishes or even an old sock. The latter, of course, is quite extreme case, but the mesh sponge should be taken into account. Due to its structure, it is quite easy to attach to the hair and thus it will be hardly felt on the head.

Separate the hair into two parts: front and rear. Gather rare hair in a ponytail.

Separate front hair into another two parts. One will cover the lining and create shape and volume, and the second will cover the first and will be a part of bangs.

Attach the pad to the desired level.

Separate the lower part of the hair into three parts: a first part is on the pad, the other two are on the sides. Separate the strands from each part and tease them and attach on the top of the pad forming the desired shape of hair.

There are a few variants for the rare hair, you can up it in a bundle, make a ponytail or curl it with a curling iron.



Amy Winehouse hair



You can do this too with a little effort! Create Amy Winehouse beehive hairstyle




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